Nuforce Icon Integrated Desktop Audio Amplifier Red Color

Nuforce Icon Integrated Desktop Audio Amplifier Red Color

The NuForce Icon is an audiophile-grade Integrated Desktop Audio Amplifier featuring two 12-watt outputs, a 3.5-mm stereo input for connection to an iPod or other portable device, a USB cable for operation with a PC or Mac, and standard RCA inputs for employing the Icon as the heart of a conventional audio system. For the headphone enthusiast, the Icon also offers a high-performance headphone output. Of particular interest to the computer user, the Icon’s line-out functions as a PC or Mac USB-to-analog audio converter or can also be used as a connection to a subwoofer.

With the same patented technology that has won a string of prestigious awards, the tiny Icon brings NuForce’s celebrated sound quality to the music lover’s desktop.


1) As the core of a desktop audio system, the Icon connects to an Ipod, CD player, PC or Mac.
2) Via the best, jitter-free USB technology, the Icon operates as a USB DAC for converting a PC or Mac’s audio signal to high-quality analog sound.
3) For optimal headphone performance, the Icon includes a discrete, high-performance headphone amplifier.
4) For operation as an audiophile-grade preamplifier, the Icon’s linestage can be connected to a power amp or active speakers.
5) As a high-quality auxiliary power amp in a surround-sound setup, the Icon can be used to drive tweeters or rear-channel speakers.

User Ratings and Reviews

4 Stars NuForce Icon
I’m using the NuForce Icon as a DAC pre-amp going into power AudioEngine A-2 speakers. Until the NuForce S-1 speakers arrive ( 2-3 weeks from now ) I can’t comment on the “sound” of the Icon, other than saying that the quality of sound is much better, and the noise level is much lower than the on-board Asus motherboard-RealTek ( and Monsoon planar speakers ) that I had been using previously.

An interesting development is that I’ve had to discard quite a few compressed ( mp3) files, since their poor quality is dramatically in evidence when output through this superior sound system

5 Stars A gift from the high-end audio manufacture
NuForce is a high-end digital amp manufacture and they are known for the high performance proprietary Class D amp technology.

I knew their product on several auditions, I had a high expectation on this so I jumped at this chance to get it. It is well rewarded.

First, I connected Icon with my PC via USB DAC and YAMAHA desktop speakers. The sound quality of Icon was very nice from just out of the box.

I thought the ability is beyond the desktop speakers. Finally I set it up with my best speaker Dynaudio twenty five special via LINN IKEMI.

I was amazed by the quality of bass reproduction. It’s so rich and deep, I can not believe it from the tiny size of Icon-1. Lower register of the speaker is well controlled as expected from Nuforce reputation.

Second, I like musicality of the Icon. Icon is not sterile nor dry without loosing any virtue of the Class D amp. In fact, Icon sports a high resolution and low distortion.

I think the overall performance is far beyond the price.

As a bonus, Icon has a decent headphone amp. This is not a cheap trick, Icon employs a discrete circuit for the headphone amp. Again, the sound quality is very good, this is no mean feat for the headphone out of audio amps.

I highly recommend this to every audio fans from the beginner who use PC mainly as a source to the audiophile who want a second system.

5 Stars Mac meets serious audio
Some time ago I came to the realization that most of the music I listen to is sourced from my computer and the pair of powered speakers I scavenged from a cheap PC really were not up to scratch. I have a “proper” hi-fi system (carefully-chosen separates connected by decent cables within a reasonable budget rather than cost-no-object audiophile gear). I bought that 15 years ago. It’s too big to put in a bedroom and too disruptive of family life to listen to properly (loudly!).

The ICON and a pair of second-hand KEF Q-compact speakers (89 db sensitivity) allows me access to good quality music reproduction once again. I’m driving the Icon using the USB input and I have the speakers on my small computer desk on some wooden stands I made myself. I’m sitting around 2 feet from the speakers. In this setup I have found there to be ample loudness. The guy I bought the speakers from suggested I should drive them from a 100W amplifier but in my opinion the Icon would be loud enough for most kinds of music in any room up to 200-300 sq ft.

The only comparison I have done is to use an Oppo DV-980H DVD player as a source and compare the same music through the built-in DAC. The Oppo’s audio decoding ability gets great reviews; I would say it is a little better than the Icon’s USB decoding but both are clearly much better than the Cambridge Audio CD player in my “proper” hi-fi.

I seriously considered buying the matching NuForce speakers but ultimately chose not to because, apparently, digital amplifiers don’t have a good reputation for long life and I wouldn’t want to have to discard the speakers if/when the Icon dies. While I applaud the direct sales approach, it seems that its almost impossible to personally make comparisons as that is part of the fun when buying audio gear.

I notice a little noise when no music is playing but not enough to really concern me. The only annoyance is the loud click when I power the Icon up. With that exception, I have nothing but praise for this neat little unit. I think anyone other than out-and-out audiophiles would be very happy to have this amplifier at the heart of a computer-based audio system.

5 Stars Unbelievable value
As you will see from other reviews, here and around the web, this little amplifier/DAC has fantastic sound quality. The stated 12w, surprisingly, seem more than enough to drive my bookshelf speakers (Ascend Sierra) to healthy levels without distortion. The bass is great.

This little Icon, in fact, wiped the floor with my receiver, the Panasonic SA-XR70, and now I’m thinking of an upgrade (to the receiver). If NuForce come out with a box that has more inputs, higher power rating, and a remote, it will be an unbelievable contender for the living room.

There is something else, special, about the Icon. It is an exciting and fun toy. Possibilities open up, new connections you had not thought about. It is so portable, so good at what it does, and has such style. It feels as right as a Swiss Army knife.

5 Stars A great hub to the perfect little desktop system
I bought this Nuforce amp (Silver color) just because of the reputation of Nuforce for offering audiophile quality amps that have tremendous value. When Nuforce announced they would be coming out with a $249 desktop amp, I had to buy one just because I knew it would be good.

First, look at the thing, it is beautiful in its simplicity, housed in a nifty attractive aluminum enclosure with simple knobs, and even the packaging is top rate. The unit comes with a hard silicon-like stand to stand it vertically, decent quality (but very short) banana plug speaker cables with an odd RJ-45 connection, a USB cable, a wall-wart adapter with universal voltage, everything you need to get started.

This unit can serve several purposes:

- It has two line inputs to connect iPods or your computer to it. Both analog inputs are switchable using the lower front knob

- And it has a USB input so you can plug your computer into it and it acts as a soundcard with up to 16bit/48Khz sampling rate. You can select this using the lower knob at position number 3

- It has a low level line out so you can use this as a preamp to your powered speakers or subwoofer. The output is controlled by the volume (top) knob.

- It has RJ-45 jacks which you use with the included cables to plug into any normal bookshelf or floorspeaker. It has banana plugs on the other end. They recommend a speaker with a sensitivity rating of above 86dB@1m.

I tried every one of its functions and it’s superb for what it costs.

The Digital amp is only rated at 12W per channel, but it’s enough to power medium efficiency bookshelf speakers to fill a small 12×8 room with sound. I plugged in my $900/pr NHT Classic 3 speakers and the sound quality was solid, tuneful, with very good bass impact.

Next I tried the preamp plugged into my $1300 Dynaudio powered speakers. The preamp output is very high grade, there is no appreciable hissing on the output even when the volume know is at full (with no music).

The built-in DAC is a great convenience feature, although its sound quality doesn’t compare to a good external DAC like a 0404 USB, it’s far better than any HD on-board chipset sound that is prevalent on many motherboards. I find the sound quite natural, and smooth. It doesn’t have the detail of a good high end DAC, but makes for a great alternative to buying a separate soundcard.

Then I tried my $350 AKG K701 and Denon D2000 headphones. The headphone amp is quite good. Not as refined as my $300 dedicated Headroom Micro amp, but way better than any laptop or computer headphone output jack I’ve heard. Again, very good considering its price. It would compete well to previous $100-150 headphone amps I had (like a Headroom Bithead)

The only two issues is the short proprietary speaker cable, but Nuforce sells longer ones if you want to buy it, and the pinouts are published on their website in case you want to make your own much longer ones. The reason they used this cable is because cable activates the amp’s built in equalizer when paired with matching Nuforce S-1 speakers. And the other one is that amp makes a pop sound through the speakers when you first turn it on with the front knob, so I always turn it on, wait two seconds and then continue increasing the volume so the pop happens while the volume control is still low.

So for those who are looking to upgrade their computer audio, getting one of these, adding some $250 PSB B15 bookshelf speakers will get you a great desktop listening station.

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Kenwood DNX5120 6 1 Inch Wide Double DIN In Dash Navigation with USB iPod Direct Control DVD Receiver

Kenwood DNX5120 6 1 Inch Wide Double DIN In Dash Navigation with USB iPod Direct Control DVD Receiver

Manufacturer’s Review (December 3, 2008)
The DNX5120 is a full-featured Entertainment and Navigation system with USB Direct Control for iPods or other portable music devices. With built-in Garmin navigation technology, the DNX5120 has maps of the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico and includes over 6 million Points of Interest. This all-in-one unit also features a 6.1-inch LCD touchscreen with a user-programmable start-up, variable-color illumination of the front panel controls, and two RCA 2V preamp outs for system expansion.

A full-featured Entertainment and Navigation system with USB Direct Control for iPods or other portable music devices. Click to enlarge.

Advanced GUI with Variable Illumination and Customizable Start-up
The DNX5120 puts intuitive control right at your fingertips with a powerful, easy-to-use graphical user interface.

Customize the unit’s front panel illumination with the new variable illumination palette of colors–match your interior tones, dash lighting, or whatever tickles your fancy.

The DNX5120′s customizable display lets you select frequently used input sources (up to 3) and display them as icons for extra convenience.

Seamless connection with iPod video/audio.

Variable illumination palette of colors.

Customizable display with favorite, up-front and easy-to-control sources.

Bluetooth-ready: add the optional KCA-BT200 to enjoy hands-free phone operation or to listen to audio stored on Bluetooth devices.

Use the optional CA-C3AV cable with the front auxiliary A/V input too connect external devices like video game systems.

Built-in Full-memory Garmin Navigation Board
A built-in Garmin Navigation board has maps of the continental US, Hawaii, Alaska and Canada, and Puerto Rico. It also includes over 6 million points of interest.

Find your destination with voice prompts, arrows, and directions. If you depart from the original route, the navigation system recalculates the route and provides new route instructions. Enter and save multiple locations; find restaurants, hotels, and other businesses; get helpful statistics about your trip; customize your routes and more with Garmin’s industry-leading GPS service. You can also add a Traffic Receiver subscription through Garmin to receive real-time traffic information and avoid congestion or other problems.

Enjoy Your Favorite Media
The DNX5120 gives you a wealth of entertainment options. Play your favorite CDs and DVDs, along with several digital audio and video formats.

The unit accepts DVD, DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW, CD, CD-R/RW, VCD and CD-DA discs. It plays back AAC-LC, MP3 and WMA audio files; MPEG1 and MPEG2 video files; and can display JPG images. Throw your files on a disc or a USB device and you’re all set to enjoy them in your vehicle.

You can also listen to the AM/FM radio. Use Auto Memory to automatically add stations with good reception to presets, or enter them manually. The DNX5120 also displays FM radio text when available, traffic information, and allows you to enter station names.

Seamless Connection with iPod Video/Audio
Connect an iPod using the optional KCA-iP300V cable to enable full video (for iPods with video capability) and/or audio control. You’ll supply power to your iPod as well as charge it while you enjoy your music.

The following iPods can be controlled from this unit (the latest iPod software updater can be downloaded from the Apple Inc. web site):

  • iPod nano
  • iPod nano (Second Generation)
  • iPod nano (3rd Generation)
  • Fifth Generation iPod (iPod with video)
  • iPod classic
  • iPod touch (audio only)

USB Direct Control
You can enjoy your favorite music, video or images from USB devices like flash drives or MP3 players. When connecting a USB device, playback starts automatically. When a battery-powered USB device like an MP3 player is connected to this unit, it also gets a charge, so it’s ready to go with you when you exit the vehicle.

Input and Output
In addition to the iPod and USB support, you can use the DNX5120′s front auxiliary A/V input to connect external audio/video sources like video game systems–use the optional CA-C3AV cable for mini-jack to RCA conversion and you’re set.

For output, the DNX5120 has 2 2V RCA preamp outputs for system expansion (this in addition to the on-board 50W x 4 amplifier).

HD and SAT Radio Ready
The DNX5120 allows you to enjoy SIRIUS (requires CA-SR20V + Sirius SC-C1 Tuner) or XM (requires KCA-XM100V + XM Mini Tuner) radio in your vehicle. Enjoy a multitude of channels featuring music, news, talk shows, sports and traffic information with CD quality sound.

You can also add an HD Radio tuner. When you connect an HD Radio, Tuner features of the unit are disabled and changed to HD Radio tuner features.

Bluetooth Ready
Add the optional KCA-BT200 to enjoy hands-free phone operation or to listen to audio stored on Bluetooth devices.

Optional Remote Control
This unit can be operated using the optional Remote Controller KNA-RCDV330.

What’s in the Box
Kenwood DNX5120, sleeve, trim ring, wiring harness, GPS antenna, installation hardware, installation manual, navigation manual, device manual, warranty card.

User Ratings and Reviews

5 Stars Great radio
Wanted a in-dash gps and this one didn’t disapoint!

Dvd player is a great plus.

3 Stars Unit is ok, but it has unexpected flaws
I am enjoying this unit, however I did learn of some flaws after acquiring it.

I do like the GPS functionality (this is the first GPS unit I have had however, so the wow factor is big with me). I like how it quietly recalculates routes and I like how the unit does not bark at me when I miss a turn or choose to go another way.

The tuner is ok (I did not get the HD Radio option).

I did purchase the the iPod cable, and learned later when I connected my iPhone that I would be getting the “This product not for iPhone” message. Not a big deal, and I have some products made for my iPhone for which I get that message. The reason why I never gave this a thought during purchase is because it clearly was designed to work with cell phones as it supports bluetooth, and has dialing/phone features built in. So, it just never crossed my mind that I might get this message. My bad.

Must say that using a touch screen system while driving is not a good thing. Obviously I should not use the GPS (interact with it I mean) while driving – but I expect to use the radio (or the iPod screen). So, this isn;t a knock on the product, just a word to the wise. The greatre complexity of the offering (over standard car radios) means a touch screen interface, and it requires more of your attention while operating it. Reasonable minds can have a debate on this point, but so far, I am quite aware of the danger as I try to switch presets on my radio while driving. Main problem here is if the radio screen is not on the presets already. If it is not, I have to press a ver small button once or twice to get it cycled to the presets screen, and then I have to press a small preset button. I can’t feel for it by touch as everything is flat on the screen, I have to divert my attention, and I have to be precise. (and btw, this isn’t one of the flaws my opening comments refer to – this is a just a reality of using such a system – any system by anyone who uses a touch screen interface).

The iPod feature seems to have a problem at times with my phone, but then again, at present I have 13Gb of music on my phone – but still, it should be consistent. Either it can support 13Gb o music or it can not. Itworks sometimes, and others it does not and I have to keep rebooting the unit and my phone until finally it works. To be fair, it is an IPOD system, not an IPHONE system, so that may be the root of my problem.

The bluetooth system at first did not work well at all – unusable. But a did a firmware update and now it is just barely functional. The root of the first issue was with my iPhone 3G. The firmware update appears to have resolved it. Oh, and the firmware update of the bluetooth hardware is simply ridiculous. You must have a bluetooth PC or dongle to do it. Thank goodness I had a laptop I could use. There should have been a way I could have loaded the update on a CD and inserted it into the unit and it communicated with the bluetooth hardware to execute the update. Way to difficult to get it done the way they have it now. The problem now is that the microphone that comes with it has an EXTREMELY tiny and “tinny” sound, unacceptably so. So, I am going to see if there is any way I can use a different microphone, but have not done this yet.

Oh, another flaw is that the USB drive support apparently has difficulties supporting large drives. I have a 4Gb and a 64Gb flas drive, both formtted as FAT32, and it will not recognize them. I had to put my updated on a 512Mb flash drive for it to work.

Manual says I can upload wallpaper, but what they don’t tell you is that you can only upload a single image (and then, of course, I ran into the whole USB drive issue).

In the end, it should be noted that I have no experience with other comparable units. So, while i sit here today thinking surely the grass must be greener elsewhere, I do not know this for a fact. This unit is evidently at its end of life, as I am hearing that Kenwood is coming out with a 5140 (this is supposition on my part about it being at end of life, but I have read comments in online forums that support this). So, if I had it to do all over again, I would not have purchased this unit. This was an impulse buy brought on by a “deal of the day” at Amazon. It is a fair unit, just not the perfect unit for me. If you do not have an iPhone, then virtually none of the issues listed above would apply to you, and this might be the perfect match. If you do, then I’d look elsewhere.

2 Stars Poor user interface design, bluetooth a complete disaster
First, navigation is bad. It cannot find a Costco store in Van Nuys, a Whole Foods in Sherman Oaks and many similar stores that have been there forever. Selecting a “favorite” location takes several clicks, and you have to wait till the unit is completely ready. If you don’t sit in your parking space for a whole minute after turning on the engine, this means you are going to make this series of button clicks while driving. Ouch.

Next, media playback. The forward/backward rewind buttons are disabled if you are playing files from a USB or DVD media. You can skip the track, or go to the start of the track. Absolutely unacceptable.

Last, bluetooth. About once a month, the KCA-BT200 unit (required for bluetooth connection) will lose pairing with the phone. You have to watch if it has connected to the phone every time you start the car (not visible from the NAV screen), and reset the connection – again, a long and painful process.

5 Stars Excellent radio
Installed this radio myself and it is great. Fits perfectly in my 2003 GMC pickup double din radio slot. GPS is excellent. Ipod connection is fast and easy to use via the onscreen interface. You will love this radio if you like your Ipod and need GPS. The screen is a great size and having a “real” volume knob is a must. Backup camera is a cool feature too.

4 Stars An Excellent Product with only a few minor drawbacks
I recently purchased this unit to go in my 2009 CR-V. I like this unit a lot. The Garmin-powered navigation system is accurate, easy to use, and simple to read. The on-screen-display has plenty of customization options for you to play with. I’ll list everything in a pro-con format:


- Garmin navigation. Cinch to use, and very accurate. A host of customization options. I particularly like how you can mute the “Recalculating Route” voice, as I find that annoying. It simply just tells you where to go if you miss a route.

- Simplicity of use. Sure the OSD looks a bit outdated, but that’s only on the source select screen. Once you’re on the source screen, everything looks great.

- Ability to play videos through your iPod connection, although most in-dash units have this feature as well.

- Dual-zone option. Fantastic if you have a rear-facing monitor and need to keep the kids quiet while not going crazy yourself. You can play any type of video (DVD, iPod, etc.) through the back speakers while keeping a main audio source for the front speakers.

- Very responsive. 5-10 second start up time from where you left off, with 15-20 second max of acquiring a satellite. Very little lag time between button presses. Touch screen buttons are huge and easy to press.

- Firm volume knob that also acts as an attend. I looked at the Pioneer series, but couldn’t get over the shiny slipperiness of the volume knob. I know that there are custom made knobs that you can but, but why pay extra?

- You can turn this off! It’s amazing that the Pioneer series has no “Off” option. Really? A radio that you can never turn off?


- IPod control can be more streamlined. Selecting a song on your iPod is a bit confusing and could get dangerous at high speeds. The remote (which I’m told is bigger than TV remotes) can help this issue.

- Connectivity – cannot have both a USB device and and iPod plugged in at the same time, although you don’t need a USB device if you have an iPod, so that’s nitpicky.

- Bluetooth not included. Not a deal breaker, as I hate talking on the phone in any capacity while I drive.

Bottom Line:

As this is now a discontinued model (that Kenwood is still supporting), you should be able to get unbelievable deals. I wanted a system that was first and foremost an excellent GPS navigation unit, with some extras throw in, and this was all that and more. The Pioneer F series offers more included, such as an iPod cable and is already equipped with Bluetooth and voice recognition for a slightly higher price, but if you are interested in an excellent GPS navigation system that “just works,” and don’t want to pay extra for all the bells and whistles, then you cannot go wrong with it.

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Cambridge Audio 740A Integrated Amplifier Black

Cambridge Audio 740A Integrated Amplifier Black

Cambridge Audio’s Azur 740A 100-watt stereo integrated amp offers true hi-fi quality but at a fraction of the cost. The technology found in the 740A is normally only used in products costing many times more. The 740A is the latest in Cambridge Audio’s Azur series of integrated amplifiers. Using technology from both the top-of-the-line 840A powerhouse and a new evolution of the highly regarded amplifier circuitry used in the 540A / 640A V2, the 740A delivers outstanding performance for a mid-price integrated. The amp puts out an impressive 100W RMS into 8 Ohms, and with two pairs of output transistors per channel, it has enough peak current capability to get the best from even ‘difficult’ speakers. The 740A uses a further development of Cambridge Audio’s trusted amplifier topology. Two pairs of extremely high current output transistors per channel allow the 740A to drive almost any speaker with ease and ensure excellent bass response and dynamic control. Other features include the use of a high precision silicon gate volume / balance control rather than the more common potentiometer. Volume is controllable in 1 dB steps over most of the range, giving precise control and superbly matched channel balance. Software control of all functions allows gain trim to be applied to any input and other operations. One of the 740A’s most attractive and user-friendly features is the customized front panel display.

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Disney Hannah Montana Speaker System for iPod and MP3 Players

Disney Hannah Montana Speaker System for iPod and MP3 Players

Get read to rock out with your favorite shining star Hannah Montana with this boombox amplifier. Crank up the volume on your iPod and get set to groove.


  • 2 x 6.3mm guitar and mic input jacks, echo control for mic
  • Rotary master volume control
  • Rotary volume controls for iPod/Aux, Guitar, Mic, with LED indicators for inputs
  • Slide type power on/off switch with LED indicator
  • iPod docking features – supports most iPod models with dock connector (shuffle only supported through Aux in jack)
  • Charges iPod while docked with AC power
  • Others – Aux in jack
  • Line out and video out jacks (for iPod audio and video out model)
  • Two 3-inch full range speaker
  • 5W per channel power output
  • No batteries required
  • Measures 12″ x 8″

User Ratings and Reviews

3 Stars Leslie’s Review
I got this for my 6 year old daughter for Christmas. She was excited and loved it. I think the volume is a little low. (yes i turned it up on the Disney Mix stick too) :-) But it’s cool, it works. Lots of other places had it cheaper then Amazon too!

3 Stars Great for Guitar and Mic. iPod sounds ok. but doesn’t charge
This worked great for Guitar and Mic. However, I bought an iPod Nano too and the nano (4th Gen) will not charge using this.

5 Stars This is the best thing ever
This system is so cool. It plays your ipod and you can totally plug in a mic and sing along with all your fave Hannah Montanna songs. The sound quality is amazing. You can really get the party started by plugging in a guitar and jamming, this is a guitar amp on top of everything! The look is so cute with great little details on the knobs showing a mic or a guitar for that particular knob purpose. As soon as it came out of the box, I sang for like an hour. Also I got a really good deal, only 24.95 for this instead of the 69.99 amazon price. Get this deal fast, it really is too good to be true.

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Portable Sound Lab Handheld Speaker Case for iPod Silver

Portable Sound Lab Handheld Speaker Case for iPod Silver

The iMainGo from Portable Sound Laboratories is a speaker case for iPod with high output stereo speakers and a state-of-the-art digital amplifier. The device is compatible with all iPods, and features durable construction with built-in air cushions to protect the player. Once inserted, the iPod controls are accessible without opening the case.

iMainGo goes wherever you do. No need to plug it in or recharge. The device is powered by four AAA batteries, giving you up to 30 hours of your favorite music. The water-resistant exterior helps protect your player no matter what the conditions, and the wake-up alarm feature makes sure you get where you’re going on time, and with great music in tow.

Don’t be fooled by the size. Thanks to iMainGo’s state-of-the-art electronics, tuned porting for rich bass, and high-output speakers, you’ll hear full sound you’d expect from systems many times its size.

iMainGo keeps your iPod protected from bumps and scratches through its sturdy construction. It’s backed by a one-year limited warranty.

What’s in the Box
Silver speaker sound system, iPod adapter, and carry strap.

User Ratings and Reviews

5 Stars More than expected
I bought this item for my brother, who is hard of hearing, and he absolutely loves it. He can listen to his iPod in his shop without having to use ear phones. Very good investment.

4 Stars Excellent product but battery mgmt needs improvement
This is a high quality product that provides excellent sound (external speakers) and great protection for the iPod.

The only problem I have with the product is battery management or lack thereof. If you leave the speakers on, even if the iPod is off, the batteries continue to drain. I’ve already gone through 2 sets of batteries in less than 2 weeks due to the lack of battery management.

4 Stars Just what I have been looking for
I had been looking for a compact, portable speaker for my iPod, this fit the bill. For the price the sound quality is great and small enough I can put it in my purse. Bought one for my teenage daughter as well, she loves it. The only thing I wish is that the on/off switch was on the outside of it so I wouldn’t have to unzip the case to shut it off.

5 Stars Outstanding Sound Quality
I highly recommend this product. The sound quality for such small speakers is incredible. I was completely shocked and pleasantly surprised. I’ve had the product rougly one month and haven’t had any issues so far. Great value.

4 Stars A Good Product!
There are many times you might wish to listen to your iPod where it is inconvenient to use your ear buds or you have a group who want to listen. It fits in well in that situation. Useful!

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Clarion DUZ385SAT 2 DIN CD MP3 WMA AAC Receiver with Rear USB Port XM Mini Tuner Direct Satellite Radio Ready

Clarion DUZ385SAT 2 DIN CD MP3 WMA AAC Receiver with Rear USB Port XM Mini Tuner Direct Satellite Radio Ready

double-size CD receiver with built-in amplifier (20 watts RMS CEA-2006/50 peak x 4 channels) * plays CDs, CD-Rs, and CD-RWs (including discs loaded with MP3, WMA, and AAC files) * built-in iPod control — no adapter necessary * compatible with optional satellite radio, CD changer, Bluetooth adapter * inputs: USB input on rear cable (for Windows Media devices, USB storage devices, and iPod) *

User Ratings and Reviews

5 Stars The Clarion 2 Din Receiver is a great product
I bought the Clarion a month ago and I am very pleased with it. I took it to someone to have it installed. He installed it in no time and I was off and running. My wife loves the mp3 hook-up. We went on a trip to FL and that is all we listened to comercial free and all the songs we loved. I enjoy the cd player as well.. Good product for a very reasonable price.

5 Stars Great fit in 2001 Nissan Pathfinder
If you have a Nissan Pathfinder with the notorious BOSE oem system, this is a great replacement for the head unit. I can’t believe how long I went with a broken changer, assuming nothing would be compatible with my system and it’s elaborate amplifier/speakers set-up.

FINALLY all my speakers work consistently and with beautiful sound. I love being able to pop in an MP3 CD or connect a USB drive and listen for hours. Do hunt around and find the antenna connector. I got mine from Crutchfields.

The USB doesn’t read my older iPod shuffle (no surprise) using an adaptor, nor does it work though the AUX input.

1 Star Worng item sent
It was not a good experience buying that car radio. I received the worng item and futhermore the radio did not work. I don’t think I’ll buy anything from that store.

Thank you.

4 Stars great for the price
I needed a double DIN radio to fit in my 2001 4runner. this one went in like it was factory. Nice sized buttons you can hit while driving also nice to have the USB cable in the glove box for my memory sticks and Ipod.

It came well packed and quickly shipped.

4 Stars Clarion DUZ385SAT
The sound is awsome from this unit. I installed the unit in a 2008 Honda Element. I thought this would be the first phase with upgraded speakers to follow. The sound improvement is what I was hoping for – without upgraded speakers. The controls are a bit tricky to learn but do offer a wide range of features. Otherwise, I would give this unit 5 stars.

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Blaupunkt London MP48 AM FM CD MP3 Receiver with CD Changer Controls

Blaupunkt London MP48 AM FM CD MP3 Receiver with CD Changer Controls

CD receiver with built-in amplifier (18 watts RMS/50 peak x 4 channels) * plays CDs, CD-Rs, and CD-RWs (including discs loaded with MP3 and WMA files) * 3-band parametric equalizer * compatible with Blaupunkt iPod adapter, Bluetooth/USB adapter, and CD changer * inputs: front panel auxiliary input, optional rear auxiliary input *

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